Bama Dining's Crimson Kitchen Cooking classes offer UA students, faculty and the Tuscaloosa community a chance to brush up their cooking techniques or try something different in the kitchen that they might not have considered doing before.

Themed Classes


The cooking classes are themed, allowing participants to try new and creative recipes every class.  Our last class of the semester was a French feast where we learned how to make some of its finest delicacies like Ratatouille, escargot, crepes, and more.


Learn with our Chefs

Lobster Bouillabaisse
Learn right along side our professional team of chefs at Bama Dining!  To ensure safety, participants must wear closed-toed rubber sole shoes, hair restraints and pants.  Learn new techniques and specialty dishes with us, like this Lobster Bouillabaisse!

Coming Soon

Apple Tart
New schedule of classes to be posted soon.  Learn how to make something new that you can recreate for your friends and family! 


Mobile Phone
Registration for cooking classes is easy and you can sign up for a class through the Bama Dining website.  Check back soon for new classes to be posted!